Illinois Insurance Continuing Education

We are approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance to offer online continuing education (Provider ID# 500001421).

We offer an easy and affordable way to complete your continuing education credits.  All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace Online in order to help you renew your insurance license, and never include any hidden fees. Once you complete one of our online courses, we will report your course completion directly to the state through State Based Systems for you.


Illinois 12 Hour Life & Health Review

clock hour icon 12h course

This course for insurance producers is made up of 12 hours of continuing education instruction on life and accident and health insurance. This course covers a number of topics including uses of life insurance, types of life insurance, policy provisions, health insurance fundamentals, and disability coverage.


Course ID: 6000095215

4.2 41 Reviews

Illinois 9 Hour Property & Casualty Review

clock hour icon 9h course

Upon completing this continuing education course, an insurance producer will have gained 9 hours of instruction on property and casualty insurance. The content of this course examines homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, and specialty forms of insurance such as excess and umbrella insurance and flood insurance.


Course ID: 6000095216

4.2 17 Reviews

Illinois 1 Hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees and Employers

clock hour icon 1h course

Employers and employees in Illinois can satisfy the state requirement for Sexual Harassment Prevention Training with this streamlined course available to all industries.

Learn how to:

  • Promote a safe work environment
  • Comply with state and federal standards on an individual's rights and responsibilites to a sexual harassment-free life
  • Report incidents correctly and timely to stop discrimination and harassment within the state
4.3 29 Reviews

Illinois Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Resident Requirements

All Illinois residents who intend to renew their insurance license must meet the state's Continuing Education (CE) requirements. These CE requirements need to be completed at least 30 days prior to the end of the two-year licensure period in order to renew the license unless the resident meets the requirements for exemption. 

Every Illinois resident producer, crop producer, or public adjuster needs to complete at least 24 hours of insurance CE every two years. Three of these CE hours must specifically cover ethics. The ethics CE requirement must be completed in a classroom or through a webinar, not through self-study or standard online courses in order to count. All other credit hours may be completed through any course method.

Producers or adjusters can fulfill their requirements by taking courses in any line of authority. Crop producers must complete their CE through courses approved for casualty or property. 


Rules for Non-Residents

In most cases, non-residents are exempt from Illinois' CE hour requirements as long as they meet their home state's CE requirements for their license. Non-residents must complete equivalent CE requirements for long-term care CE, annuity training CE, and viatical life settlement training in their home state, or they must complete the Illinois CE hour requirements for these products. 

If the non-resident's home state does not have any CE hour requirements, the non-resident is held to Illinois' CE requirements. 


Carryover of Excess CE

In Illinois, up to 12 hours of excess insurance continuing education hours may be carried over into the next two-year licensing period to count towards the next license renewal. 


Insurance License Term Renewal Requirements

Illinois license renewals occur every two years. The state sets licenses to expire on the last day of the producer or adjuster's birth month every other year. The first renewal happens between one and two years after the first issuance of the license. 

For example, if the license was first issued in December 2018 and the licensee was born in September, then the first renewal will occur on September 30th, 2020, and every two years thereafter. 

All CE requirements must be completed 30 days prior to the date of license renewal to avoid an associated penalty fee. Licensees can renew their license online up to 90 days prior to the date of license expiration if all their CE hours have been completed. 

The CE course completion records are submitted by the course providers. Some reporting processes can take up to 10 days, so licensees should plan ahead to avoid late fees. 


Rules for Taking the Exam

Illinois insurance continuing education exams may be taken as open book tests, with full access to the course material. The state of Illinois requires a 70% on exams in order for the CE to count for credit. However, failed exams may be retaken an unlimited number of times. Illinois does not require any CE course tests to be proctored.


Rules for Repeating a Course

Illinois insurance licensees may not repeat any specific course during a specific licensing period. After license renewal, courses may be repeated for credit towards the next license renewal period. Any credits that are rolled over from the previous period may not be repeated in the next licensing period. 


Credit for Instructors

Any Illinois Insurance Continuing Education course instructors must also meet the CE requirements to maintain their own license. Instructors do not receive credit for the courses they teach. 


Reporting Rules

Illinois requires that any CE course providers submit all completed course hours for the producers and adjusters who take courses through them. Licensees are not responsible for turning in their own CE hours to the state. CE course providers have a 10-day window in which to submit completed hours, so licensees should confirm that their hours have been submitted. CE hour completion and submission can be confirmed through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website.

All Illinois insurance licensees should retain the certificates of completion for all completed CE hours. In Illinois, producers are instructed to keep their original certificates of completion for a minimum of five years after completion in case of a license audit. 


Insurance CE Requirement Exemptions

In Illinois, there are several groups that are exempt from the state's CE requirements. These groups are:

  • Any licensee who currently holds a temporary license
  • Any licensee who holds a limited license such as baggage or travel insurance sold by or connected to a transportation common carrier; industrial life; industrial health; or local districts issuing insurance. 
  • Non-resident producers in compliance with their home states. 

All other producers and adjusters in Illinois must complete the state CE requirements in order for their license to automatically renew. 


Illinois Annuity Insurance Requirements

Illinois producers who wish to sell, negotiate, or solicit any annuity products must complete a one-time annuity training course of at least four hours. Prior to completing this course, Illinois producers may not handle any annuity product. Non-resident producers may complete the equivalent training in their home state to renew their Illinois license. 


Illinois Long-Term Care Training Requirements

Any insurance licensee in Illinois whose license includes a line of authority for long-term care products must complete two training requirements. The first is an eight-hour initial training course that covers the fundamental aspects of long-term care policies.

The next requirement is an additional CE requirement. Producers must complete a four-hour CE course on long-term care policies during every biennial licensure period. This course does not count towards the standard 24-hour CE requirements. 

This federally-mandated training covers subjects including:

  • Long-term care policies, their purpose, and their function
  • The various types of long-term care products 
  • Qualified partnerships and how they interact with public and private long-term care policies. 

All Illinois-licensed producers must meet these training requirements in order to handle these products. Exempt status does not exempt producers from long-term care training. If a licensee does not complete the four-hour CE requirements by the time they renew their license, they have 12 months from that renewal date to complete the long-term care CE. If they do not meet that deadline, they must repeat the initial eight-hour training course instead.