This exam prep course can help you pass the Alabama insurance exam and get your license. 

In this course, you'll start with the basics in our General Insurance class. This covers topics such as what insurance is, the nature of agency, and the relationship between insurance producers and insurance agents. You'll also learn about contracts, starting with contract law in general, and then diving into the specifics of insurance contracts. Then you'll learn about the process of applying for and delivering a policy. 

Our Insurance Ethics class focuses on what ethics are, why they matter, and the ethical duties of an insurance agent. We'll cover some ethical situations you may encounter as an insurance agent, and how the law and the Insurance Industry Code of Ethics direct us to behave. 

We'll discuss the different types of life insurance policies you'll need to know in order to advise your clients on which ones meet their needs. This includes whole life, term life, group life, credit life, and flexible and specialized policies. In our Standard Policy Provisions class, we'll tell you what policies and provisions are generally included in life insurance contracts. You'll learn about options, riders, and beneficiaries. 

The Annuities class in this course will examine the principles and concepts that apply to annuities. Then it will cover the benefits, payment options and products they offer, and the ways in which annuities can be used. 

After learning some more fundamental concepts, you'll go through the Producer Responsibilities in Marketing, which covers how to help clients compare and evaluate policies so you can make the sale. You'll also take a short class on tax considerations, which will allow you to answer client questions about how their insurance affects their taxes. We'll also explore Qualified Plans, how they function, and how they affect a client's taxes. 

Our last classes in this course will cover how variable life insurance and variable annuities are regulated as securities, and both state and federal insurance regulations that you need to know. 

This course includes two quizzes and a final exam, to help you review and practice the concepts you need to master for the Alabama state exam. 

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Instructor Bio

Life & Health Insurance Instructor

Life and Health Insurance Instructor Joel Daniels is an experienced business professional in the insurance industry, with an established track record of leadership, development, account management, relationship building, and brand integrity. In his insurance business, Joel works tirelessly with his allies and strategic partners to impact communities by providing access to affordable and usable health and wellness benefits options. Here at At Your Pace Online, Joel is a highly engaging instructor. He presents insurance continuing education to licensees so that they can grow in their knowledge of the trade with confidence, benefitting their own business growth as well as the overall well-being of their clients.