Kansas Insurance Continuing Education

We are approved by the Kansas Insurance Department as a continuing education provider (Provider ID# 3102). Once you complete one of our online courses, we will report your course completion directly to the state through SBS for you.


Kansas 24 Hour All Lines Package

clock hour icon 24h course

Those licensed in both P&C and L&H can take all 24 hours of their CE with this package! 3 hours of ethics content is also included to satisfy that requirement. 

KS Insurance Department ID: 6000095149, 6000095164 & 6000095616

4.5 42 Reviews

Kansas Property & Casualty Package

clock hour icon 12h course

This course provides all 12 hours of CE that you need! This course will review key concepts and principles of Property and Casualty insurance. It includes your Ethics requirement as well.

KS Insurance Department ID: 6000095164 & 6000095616

4.4 112 Reviews

Kansas Life & Health Package

clock hour icon 12h course

This course provides all 12 hours of CE that you need! This course will review key concepts and principles of Life & Health insurance. It includes your Ethics requirement as well.

KS Insurance Department ID: 6000095149 & 6000095616

4.5 270 Reviews

Kansas 11 Hour Life And Health Review

clock hour icon 11h course

This is an 11 hour continuing education course that covers life and accident and health insurance. Insurance producers who complete this course will receive instruction on several topics including the fundamental concepts of life insurance, the core elements of health insurance, and dental insurance.

KS Insurance Department ID: 6000095149


Kansas 11 Hour Property And Casualty Review

clock hour icon 11h course

In this 11 hour course of study, insurance producers will find instruction on property and casualty insurance. The content of this course examines fundamentals of property and casualty insurance, insurance for private residences, and automobile insurance.

KS Insurance Department ID: 6000095164


Kansas 4 Hour Annuity Suitability Training

clock hour icon 4h course

This 4 Hour course will meet your one time Certification Requirements to start selling Life Insurance Annuities in the state of Kansas.

KS Insurance Department ID: 990233 LHV

4.3 15 Reviews

Kansas 4 Hour LTC Initial Continuing Education Training

clock hour icon 4h course

This 4 hour class is approved by the State of Kansas. It meets the mandatory initial continuing education requirement to start selling Long Term Care Insurance for those licensed as producers.

KS Insurance Department ID: 991044

4.0 7 Reviews

Kansas 3 Hour Ethics Review

clock hour icon 3h course


This course discusses many different topics surrounding ethical practices, such as ethics versus morals, ethics in practice, ethical decision-making models that illustrate how ethical dilemmas may be solved, and the terminology used in ethics, such as tort law, equity, and more. The course will assist the student in making the proper ethical decisions, provide examples of poor ethical choices, and the legal enforcement of ethics.

KS Insurance Department ID: 6000095616

4.1 46 Reviews

Kansas 3 Hour NFIP Review

clock hour icon 3h course

This course is designed to satisfy the mandatory 3 hour Education Requirement to start selling Flood Insurance! This course will also count for 3 hours of Property & Casualty Insurance CE, if you do not sell Flood Insurance.

KS Insurance Department ID: 990058 PC


Kansas 1 Hour LTC Ongoing Training

clock hour icon 1h course

This course applies to producers who need to renew their Long-Term Care Certification to continue selling LTC Insurance. This course will review key principles and concepts related to long-term care insurance policies.

KS Insurance Department ID: 991045

4.2 31 Reviews

Kansas Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Resident Requirements

In Kansas, producers must complete 12 hours of continuing education (CE) every two years. These 12 hours must cover the line for which the producer holds a license. One CE hour must cover ethics.

For producers who hold multiple authorities, 12 hours must cover life and health, and 12 hours must include property and casual, including two hours of education in professional ethics. 

Producers of crop insurance have a lower CE-hour requirement. These professionals only need to complete two hours of CE and two hours of ethics. 

Producers that only hold title insurance licenses must complete four CE hours and two hours of ethics. 

Kansas resident producers must complete courses approved by the Kansas Insurance Department. Further, producers must complete the courses during the biennium to which they apply. Contact the Producer Licensing Division at (785) 296-6755 to verify whether a professional designation course is acceptable to the Department. 

For self-study and internet courses are taken in Kansas, the amount of awarded credit depends on the successful completion of the course, followed by an independently-monitored examination. The insurance commissioner will determine the number of hours to assign to the course. 

The Kansas Insurance Department assigns credit only to those courses that impart substantive, procedural knowledge related to insurance and are beneficial to the insuring public.

Courses of the following types do not meet the department's criteria for approval:

  • Courses designed to prepare students for a licensing exam.
  • Courses that cover mechanical office or business skills, like typing, speed reading, or using calculators and other equipment.
  • Courses that include sales promotions, including meetings held in conjunction with the general business of the licensee. 
  • Courses primarily intended to provide knowledge of specific products or companies if the courses relate to the sales promotion or marketing of one or more of the products discussed.

The number of approved hours does not include the time spent on introductions, breaks, or other activities not directly related to department-approved educational information or materials. 


Rules for Non-Residents

If you are a non-resident producer in Kansas, you may qualify for exemption from the Kansas CE requirements if their home state or district has a CE requirement. Instead, you will file your Kansas renewal through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). 

Non-residents who comply with CE requirements of their home (resident) state are exempt from Kansas CE requirements. 

As a non-resident producer, you do not need to provide a certification letter from your home state. The Kansas Insurance Department will verify CE compliance through the NIPR producer database. 

If your home state does not require CE, you will need to comply with the Kansas CE rules. 


Carryover of Excess CE

In Kansas, producers may not carry over CE credits to the next 2-year license term.


Insurance License Term Renewal Requirements

Each license term ends on the licensee's date of birth, every two years. Licensees with birth years that end in an even date renew in even years and those with odd birth years renew in odd years. For example:

  • Those born in 1975 would renew in 2021, 2023, 2025, etc.  
  • People born in 1976 would renew in 2022, 2024, 2026, etc. 

Agents who do not meet the required CE credit hours posted before their license expiration date will have their Kansas insurance license or licenses revoked by the Kansas Insurance Department. 


Rules for Taking the Exam

Producers do not need to complete course examinations except in the case of self-study or internet-based courses. 

There are several rules CE exam-takers need to understand:

  • Online certification exams are always closed-book.
  • Course materials are not available while the exam is in progress.
  • To receive CE credit, agents must pass the final exam with a score of 70% or higher. 
  • Students can retake the exam an unlimited number of times.

Proctor or Monitor Requirements

A disinterested third party must monitor (proctor) online exams and must certify that the licensee had no assistance completing the exam. The proctor must complete the online Declaration of Compliance for exam takers to receive credit. 

Other exam rules:

  • If the exam taker launches their exam without a monitor present, they will not receive CE credit. 
  • The monitor must have no financial interest in the success or failure of an exam taker's ability to maintain their license.


Rules for Repeating a Course

Course repetition is not permitted within the compliance period, though producers may retake the final exam.


Credit for Instructors

If you serve as an instructor for an insurance CE course in Kansas, you may receive the same number of credit hours as students who take the course.


Reporting Rules

You must report your CE hours or have your instructor report your CE hours within 30 days of completing the course. Those reporting on behalf of an agent must provide the agent's National Producer Number (NPN).

The Kansas Department of Insurance collects a course reporting fee of $1.00 per online, self-study, and classroom credit hour. 


Insurance CE Requirement Exemptions

Kansas law states that each individual holding a life insurance license exclusively to sell pre-need insurance does not need to meet CE requirements. These licensees must provide affirmation that they transacted no other insurance business during the current renewal period. 

Producers serving active duty in the US Armed Forces may not need to comply with CE requirements. Confirm the details of your assignment with the Kansas Insurance Department. 


Annuity Requirements

Kansas producers who engage in selling or soliciting annuity products must complete a four-hour CE course specific to annuities. This one-time requirement applies to residents as well as non-resident producers.

On an ongoing basis, producers must also complete product-specific training sponsored by the insurance company offering the product. 


Flood Requirements

The Kansas Insurance Department requires licensees who sell flood insurance to comply with the minimum Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training requirements and those of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This one-time training requires completion of a three-hour course covering flood-specific topics. 


Long-Term Care Training

Kansas agents must complete a four-hour training course before they may begin selling any long-term care insurance products. Additionally, these agents will need to complete one hour of related training every other year. 

Producers may take any NAIC-approved long-term care plan course for use in any licensed state.