California 21 Hour Life & Health Review

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In this course, insurance producers will find 21 hours of continuing education instruction that they put toward the total needed to renew life, accident and health insurance license. The primary focus of this course is life and health insurance.

The course starts with a segment on life insurance that addresses life insurance fundamentals, the structure of life insurance policies, annuities, and qualified retirement plans.

  • The instruction on life insurance fundamentals will both discuss the core concepts of life insurance and explore the different types of life insurance that are available.
  • The portion on life insurance policies will talk about the life insurance policy and the provisions, options, and riders that can be included in the policy contract.
  • A portion of the course will examine annuities, especially how they compare to other life insurance products
  • The last segment in this part of the course will look at retirement plans with special nattention paid to plans that qualify for special taxation treatment

The rest of this course is concerned with health insurance and similar related insurance products. This part of the course discusses the core elements of life insurance, health insurance contracts, disability insurance, medical plans, group health insurance, and long term care insurance.

  • The segment on the core elements of life insurance will cover what health insurance is and how it is used. This segment also talks about the various forms of health insurance coverage.
  • The training on health insurance contracts will look at the structure of health insurance policies specifically, provisions and options.
  • A portion of the course will examine disability insurance and the specialized coverage it provides.
  • Medical plans are explored in a segment of this course. This segment will talk about what medical plans do, managed care, major medical insurance, const containment, and the Federal laws that affect medical plans.
  • The group health insurance segment will discuss how health insurance is provided to organizations and how group coverage differs from individual health coverage.
  • The last segment of the course deals with long term care insurance including what it does, how it is provided, how it is marketed, and how it is taxed.

At the end of the course, you will complete a 110 question exam that will test on topics from throughout the course. The purpose of this exam is to improve comprehension and retention of the training.

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 386842

  • Approved By: California Department of Insurance

Instructor Bio

Life & Health Insurance Instructor

Life and Health Insurance Instructor Joel Daniels is an experienced business professional in the insurance industry, with an established track record of leadership, development, account management, relationship building, and brand integrity. In his insurance business, Joel works tirelessly with his allies and strategic partners to impact communities by providing access to affordable and usable health and wellness benefits options. Here at At Your Pace Online, Joel is a highly engaging instructor. He presents insurance continuing education to licensees so that they can grow in their knowledge of the trade with confidence, benefitting their own business growth as well as the overall well-being of their clients.

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