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Health insurance producers can complete their continuing education requirements for their license renewal with the current and updated course. The course includes 20 hours of elective credits. NOTE: This course does NOT include the four hours of law and ethics that are required for renewal. The course begins with an advanced, in-depth look at health insurance basics with an emphasis on current terminology and concepts. The course continues with a new and revised look at dental insurance, and continues with updated information on how the federal government taxes health insurance and other medical benefits, including disability and tax-favored health plans. New material is included within this course package which covers current and topical issues, such as credit insurance,anti-money laundering, the growth of insurance technology and data security for insurance professionals and modern tools used by insurance professionals. . 

The health insurance basic lesson includes revised information on preexisting conditions and how laws are applied, many examples of how provisions such as coinsurance are handled, the Policyholder’s Bill of Rights, business uses of health insurance, disability coverage, long-term care expenses, Medicaid and other governmental coverages, tax-favored plans and important changes to federal law.  A refreshed look at dental insurance is provided with a look at how the Affordable Care Act and other legislation has changed over time, pediatric dental coverage, access to coverage, treatment categories and much more. 

The course next explores tax treatment of health insurance and related contracts. Disability income insurance is discussed, with an emphasis on business uses of disability coverage, like key-person and buy-sell contracts used to protect a business. Medical expense taxation is detailed, and the lesson then dives into long-term care issues, including LTC partnerships with the states. Tax-favored plans are reviewed, including Health Savings, Health Reimbursement and Flexible Savings Accounts are analyzed. 

The course moves into credit insurance, an often-overlooked segment of the industry, and includes material on limited lines insurance, different types of credit insurance and their associated rules, the NAIC Model laws, how credit insurance actually works in real life, and concludes with a discussion on who should buy the product.

The course then moves on to recent legal and other issues facing the insurance industry and licensed insurance professionals. Lessons included in these areas discuss anti-money laundering and how it is affecting the insurance business, insurance technology and how it is used in the financial services and insurance fields, and a detailed lesson on  data security and its importance in the insurance industry. Finally, the course dives into a deep discussion of modern tools used in the insurance industry for combating fraud and other uses for insurance professionals at the insurer, agency and producer level.


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