Florida Property and Casualty Elective Course 20 HR CE

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This course begins with an advanced, in-depth look at modern contracts and tools used in the insurance industry to protect businesses, including updated material on businessowner policies, employment practices and professional liability coverage, commercial umbrella and excess liability policies, other professional liability contracts including errors and omissions, malpractice coverage, Directors and Officers policies and similar protections for businesses. Key-person disability insurance is detailed, as well as important protections offered by business income insurance, business overhead expense coverage and cyber risk insurance. 

Additional lessons include current and updated material on personal inland marine insurance, which explores the differences between inland and ocean marine and commercial versus personal lines coverage, the Nationwide Marine definition, how inland marine differs from homeowner coverage, floaters, appraisals, schedules for personal property and more. Current information on toxic mold is detailed, with an emphasis on its harmful effects, the CDC’s view on mold, claims examples and history, how insurance plays a large role with mold and remediation, first- and third-party claims, exclusion, conditions and restrictions of coverage. 

Next up are updated lessons on anti-money laundering relating to the insurance industry. This is followed by a new take on insurance technology, or “Insurtech” and how technology is affecting the insurance industry. Included is information on consumer opinions and data, regulation, the state of the marketplace, solutions and advantages presented by technology including consumer controls, microinsurance, the “Digital Agent,” risk assessment tools, emerging fraud technologies used by insurers, inspection aids for agents and carriers, the backlash of technology and privacy concerns and the future of  insurance technology.

The next lesson amplifies the insurance technology lesson and provides recent material and documentation with a lesson discussing data security for insurance professionals. This lesson looks at how data is collected and used by insurers, cyber risks, digital asset protections and concerns, recent breach and other examples of legal violations, cyber attacks and other concerns, like phishing, malware, ransomware and brute-force attacks. Lesser known instances involving denial or service issues, “man in the middle” examples and advanced persistent cyber threats. Hackers, both “good” and “bad” are detailed as well as kinetic cyber attacks. How consumers, agents, agencies and insurers can protect themselves and how knowledge is the key tool for prevention. Cyber risk insurance is deeply explored, including who needs the coverage, descriptions of coverages and endorsements, exclusions and conditions of cyber coverage, and how the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act addresses privacy concerns. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is discussed with an emphasis on consumer rights. The lesson continues with a look at insurance credit scoring, how insurance is playing “catch-up” to other industries, the future of data security and how the internet works in the workplace. 


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