Montana 24 Hour Complete Life & Health Package

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This 24-hour continuing education package will provide Montana insurance producers with 24 hours of continuing education needed to renew their license. This package will provide a current review of the key concepts for life and health insurance, professional ethics and the most current legal updates enacted by the Montana legislature. Topics include the most current legal updates in the state, an in-depth discussion of professional ethics, general insurance concepts and definitions, life insurance basics, policies and provisions, and material that explores health and medical coverage. These sections of the course provide material on the basics of health insurance, current health insurance plans and disability income policies.

Montana has legislated changes and additions to the state’s laws and rules which occur each legislative session, and this course includes the important revisions of law recently passed. 

Continuing, each state now requires that insurance producers complete at least three hours of professional ethics education each licensing period. This portion of the course will provide producers with an ethical framework from which to work from, including basic and advanced ethical principles, and how to create an ethics handbook for producers, agencies and others in the industry.

The course then dives into life insurance with a refresher lesson on the basics of life insurance including key concepts, terms and how to properly construct contracts for clients. The life insurance sections continue with a detailed look at policies currently sold in the marketplace, policy provisions, options and riders that can be used to supplement the basic insurance policy and how to relate the provisions to an individual client’s needs.

From there, the course provides in-depth information on medical expense and health insurance coverage. Once again, we’ll take a look at the basics of health coverage as a refresher and then get into the different types of medical expense and health insurance coverages, how the plans work, deductibles and coinsurance, the laws and rules made effective through the Affordable Care Act, HIPAA and other important federal legislation.

Finally, the course will finish with a look at disability income contracts. The material includes key concepts and definitions, qualifying for benefits, elimination and benefit periods, Social Security Disability Income, conditions for coverage and how exclusions might come into play. 

This course is intended for life and health insurance producers only.

  • Course ID(s): 6000104713, 6000128722, 6000104696, 6000104696
  • Approved By: Commissioner of Securities and Insurance

Instructor Bio

Life & Health Insurance Instructor

Life and Health Insurance Instructor Joel Daniels is an experienced business professional in the insurance industry, with an established track record of leadership, development, account management, relationship building, and brand integrity. In his insurance business, Joel works tirelessly with his allies and strategic partners to impact communities by providing access to affordable and usable health and wellness benefits options. Here at At Your Pace Online, Joel is a highly engaging instructor. He presents insurance continuing education to licensees so that they can grow in their knowledge of the trade with confidence, benefitting their own business growth as well as the overall well-being of their clients.

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