Oklahoma 24 Hour Complete Property and Casualty Package

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This package is approved for 24 hours of CE! It includes 18 hours of P&C continuing education, 3 Hours of Ethics, 2 Hours of Oklahoma Legislative Updates, and 1 hour of Earthquake Insurance education. 

This package starts off with our Legislative Updates course. We'll start with a gradual review of Senate Bill 1010 about, among other things, viatical settlement providers and addresses listed on a license. Next is a series of House and Senate bills about life and health insurance. Important changes for insurers, Pharmacy Benefits Managers, MEWAs, opioid limitations, autism behavior analysts coverage, Medicare plans, and short-term limited-duration health insurance.

Owners of self-service storage facilities are required to be licensed if they sell insurance. Then, a half hour is dedicated to changes in the ways insurers can operate, such as the approval for protected cell companies, the requirements for internal auditing, health maintenance organizations, and confidential treatment of filings. A look at the Administrative Rule changes concludes the course.

Next up is our Ethics for Insurance Producers class. This course will take an in-depth look at a number of issues surrounding ethics and the producer. The course begins with a look at trust in the industry, and whether clients actually trust insurance producers compared to other professions. It continues with a comparison of ethics versus morality, and discusses how individual beliefs alter ethical choices at times. Corporate ethical behaviors are scrutinized, and the lesson explores situations in which ethics and morals collide. 

In the earthquake course, we'll talk about the history and science of earthquakes, and how they happen. Then, we'll discuss eartchquake insurance and how producers should handle this peril.

The first segment of our Property and Casualty CE course looks at the two types of residence insurance: dwelling insurance and homeowners insurance.

The portion dealing with dwelling insurance talks about the property coverage provided by this kind of policy. This portion also examines Personal Liability Supplements.

The portion on homeowners insurance discusses homeowners policy forms, the combined coverage that they provide, and endorsements that can be added to a homeowners policy.

The second segment of the course covers automobile insurance. This segment examines both the personal and commercial forms of automobile insurance.

The third segment of the course explores various forms of insurance intended for businesses, their owners, and their employees.

Part of this segment looks at commercial insurance including commercial liability, commercial crime, inland marine, and farm coverage.

A part of this segment is a detailed examination of businessowners insurance 

The last part of this segment deals with workers’ compensation insurance. This portion will discuss the benefits that are provided by worker’s comp and how this affects employers.

The course concludes with a final exam which will help students understand and retain the instruction they receive.

  • Approved By: Oklahoma Insurance Department

Instructor Bio

Property & Casualty Insurance Instructor

Aaron Phelps is At Your Pace Online’s Subject Matter Expert for Property and Casualty Insurance. Prior to entering the insurance field, Aaron worked for 7 years in customer service and management before entering into the insurance field. He is a licensed insurance agent in Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in Communication and has been working locally since 2015. Aaron specializes in individual health insurance plan options and life insurance, provides employee benefits support for his company’s group clients, and expertly handles insurance needs for personal line clients. His favorite part of his job is helping people understand how insurance policies work and alleviating their anxiety and fear over the process. In addition to his accomplished career in the insurance field, Aaron has been married for 17 years and shares 4 children with his wife. He spends his free time backpacking, traveling, and camping or simply relaxing and enjoying good food and drinks with his friends.

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