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This 24-hour course is intended for insurance adjusters that need to renew their professional license. This continuing education course includes everything needed for adjusters to renew their professional license. The course begins with the important legal updates passed by the Oklahoma legislature and continues into an in-depth discussion of professional ethics. Continuing, we will  examine important types of property and casualty insurance contracts including dwelling, homeowners, personal and commercial coverages, businessowner contracts and workers’ compensation that concentrates on aspects important to adjusters, such as coverage, exclusions, conditions and more. 

There have been a number of significant legal updates and changes to Oklahoma laws and rules, and this course will cover those that apply to adjusters and others in the claims-side of the industry. The course continues with an exploration of ethical practices that are expected of those in the insurance business and will provide a framework for setting up an ethics manual for adjusting firms, agencies and insurers.

The information will then dive into specific policies and how coverage relates to losses and claims. We begin with earthquake coverage, the covered types of losses, earthquake deductibles, exclusions from coverage and conditions attached to the form. 

Residential insurance, including dwelling and homeowner contracts are detailed with an emphasis on coverage, policy limits, extensions of coverage, coinsurance, and the conditions and exclusions associated with personal lines property and liability risks. 

Automobile insurance has always been a primary segment of the insurance industry, and the course will include information on both personal and commercial auto insurance exposures and risks. Loss settlement provisions, commercial symbols and their relationship with vehicles owned or used by the business and coverage information is heavily detailed.

After commercial automobiles, the course explores commercial property and liability insurance. Included in these sections  of the course are important considerations for commercial policy packages, such as the “parts” to a commercial contract, the differences between occurrence and claims-made policies, common exclusions and conditions and much more. Businessowner policies, or “BOPs' ' are discussed and include information on qualifying for these types of policies, the underwriting and eligible risks, the coverage that is afforded, loss settlements and common conditions and exclusions from coverage.

The course will wrap-up with a deep look at workers’ compensation coverage. Workers’ compensation is a required contract in the vast majority of states and the information includes important distinctions relating to the different coverage parts of the policy, the types of losses that are excluded from coverage and the large number of conditions that are attached to this contract. 


  • Approved By: Oklahoma Insurance Department

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Property & Casualty Insurance Instructor

Aaron Phelps is At Your Pace Online’s Subject Matter Expert for Property and Casualty Insurance. Prior to entering the insurance field, Aaron worked for 7 years in customer service and management before entering into the insurance field. He is a licensed insurance agent in Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in Communication and has been working locally since 2015. Aaron specializes in individual health insurance plan options and life insurance, provides employee benefits support for his company’s group clients, and expertly handles insurance needs for personal line clients. His favorite part of his job is helping people understand how insurance policies work and alleviating their anxiety and fear over the process. In addition to his accomplished career in the insurance field, Aaron has been married for 17 years and shares 4 children with his wife. He spends his free time backpacking, traveling, and camping or simply relaxing and enjoying good food and drinks with his friends.

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