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Alternative Medicine, Alternative Coverage

by Karla Allen on 2017-12-13 1:44pm

Image credits: mcancerorg   As a health insurance provider do you have clients who are part of the one-third of Americans currently using alternative medical options? According to some reports, people making alternative choices are paying out of pocket (in addition to any health insurance premiums or ACA fines) upwards of $34 billion dollars a year, out of the $1...

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Hobby Lobby, Where Did the Contraception Go?

by Karla Allen on 2017-11-08 8:48am

    In the 2014 US...

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The Effect of Wearables on Life and Health Insurance

by Emerson McCuin on 2017-10-25 4:55pm

  Wearables are a big business Millions are using wearable technologies to track bio-data and activity levels to improve their health...

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Insurance Agents: Independent vs. Captive

by Elisa Meyer on 2017-10-25 4:53pm

Making the decision between being an independent agent, who can sell multiple companies’ products, and being a captive agent to only one company, is no small task   The exclusive, or captive agent, is similar to a traditional employee...

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