California Insurance Continuing Education

We are a California Department of Insurance approved continuing education provider (Provider # 333649).

Get your continuing education done when you want to, without taking time out of your busy schedule. All of our online courses can be completed At Your Pace Online in order to help you renew your insurance producer license, and never include any hidden fees. Once you complete one of our online courses, we will report your course completion directly to the state for you.


California 8 Hour Annuity Training Class

clock hour icon 8h course

This class fulfills the 8 hours of California-specific annuities training required for insurance producers to sell annuities in the state. The class uses the state-approved mandatory outline and adds substantial material that will help producers guide their customers through one of the most complex products sold by insurers.

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 382795

3.8 203 Reviews

California 3 Hour Ethics Review

clock hour icon 3h course

Most states require that you, as a producer, complete at least three hours of ethics training as part of your continuing education. This course will provide the ethics education and training necessary to renew your license for another period. Some time ago, individual states recognized that there had been a substantial increase in the volume of complaints and producer concerns related to ethics and morality in the insurance industry and mandated ethics training as part of a producer’s educational requirements in each licensing period.

The course discusses many different topics surrounding ethical practices, including ethics versus morals, ethics in practice, and the terminology used in ethics, such as tort law, equity, and more. The course will also assist you in making proper ethical decisions, provide examples of poor ethical choices, and review the legal enforcement of ethics.

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 325910

4.4 897 Reviews

California 4 Hour Annuity Contract Provisions Training

clock hour icon 4h course

This class fulfills the 4 hours of California-specific continuing education required during each renewal period for insurance producers who sell annuities in the state, with a focus on sales practices and suitability training. The class also reviews advantages and disadvantages of the myriad options and the latest developments in annuities to help you guide your customers in the purchase of this most complex of all insurance products.

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 382794

4.0 222 Reviews

California 21 Hour Life & Health Review

clock hour icon 21h course

This 21 hour continuing education course is designed to help life, accident and health insurance producers renew their licenses. The course is broken into two parts that focus on life and health insurance respectively. The life insurance portion discusses such topics as uses of life insurance, types of life insurance, policy provisions, annuities, and qualified retirement plans.

The health insurance portion covers a number of topics including health insurance fundamentals, health insurance policies, disability coverage, group health insurance, and long term care insurance.

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 386842

4.0 88 Reviews

California 21 Hour Property and Casualty Review Package

clock hour icon 21h course

Property and Casualty insurance producers who take this course will earn 21 hours of continuing education on property and casualty insurance. This course discusses a number of subjects including insurance for private residences, automobile insurance, commercial insurance, and workers’ compensation.

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 386844

4.1 30 Reviews

California 20 Hour Property & Casualty Review

clock hour icon 20h course

This 20 hour course will review key principles and concepts related to property and casualty policies. Learn the regulations for property, casualty, homeowners, dwellings, automobile and more. No additional reporting fees.

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 325770

4.0 47 Reviews

California 3 Hour NFIP Review

clock hour icon 3h course

This 3 Hour course will meet your one time Certification Requirements to start selling Flood Insurance in the state of California.

No additional reporting fees!

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 344811

4.2 33 Reviews

California 1 Hour Renters/Condo Insurance Review

clock hour icon 1h course

This 1 hour course will review the ins and outs of renters' and condominium insurance policies. We don't charge additional reporting fees!

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 325890

4.3 26 Reviews

California 24 Hour Property & Casualty Package

clock hour icon 24h course

This course provides all 24 hours of CE that you need! This course will review key concepts and principles of Property and Casualty insurance. It includes 21 hours of Property and Casualty content, 3 hours of Ethics and the mandatory exam. No additional reporting fees.

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 325770, 325890 & 325910

3.9 492 Reviews

California 24 Hour Life & Health Package

clock hour icon 24h course

This course provides all 24 hours of CE that you need! In it, you'll review key concepts and principles of Life and Health insurance, consider the ethical issues of the insurance industry in our 3-hour ethics class, and show us what you learned in the mandatory exam. We don't charge additional reporting fees!

CA Insurance Division Course ID: 325891 & 325910

4.2 1460 Reviews

California Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Resident Requirements

California has continuing education requirements that agents must complete in order to renew their licenses. Any agent not exempt must fulfill these CE requirements for each two-year license term. 

Limited lines automobile insurance agents must complete the following requirements

  • 20 hours of CE training
  • Three hours of ethics CE training

Producers, adjusters, agents, and broker-agents for any of these types of insurance - life-only, accident and health, property, casualty, or personal lines - must complete the following requirements: 

  • 24 hours of CE in the respective class of insurance
  • Three hours of ethics CE training
  • Additional training if involved in the sale of long-term care (LTC) insurance or annuities

If you hold more than one of the above lines of insurance, you may take the 24 hours of CE in courses applicable to any of the lines. There is no breadth requirement.

The credit for one-time courses also counts towards the 24 hours of CE for the license term in which you take them.

All property broker-agents, casualty broker-agents, and personal lines broker-agents must complete a three-hour training course in homeowners' insurance valuation before estimating replacement values or explaining the levels of coverage of a homeowner's insurance policy.  

Agents also must complete a three-hour training course if selling flood insurance.


Rules for Non-Residents

If non-residents satisfy the CE requirements of their home states, existing licenses can be renewed. The licensee must also satisfy California's specific requirements for annuities and long-term care.


Carryover of Excess CE

If you complete more than the required hours of continuing education for a given license term, the excess credits can apply towards the next term. 

However, specific requirements for ethics, annuities, or long-term care will carry over as general credit only. You still will have to meet those requirements for the new term.


Insurance License Term Renewal Requirements

Licenses last two years. The expiration date is on the front of your license. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) will email you a renewal notice 90 days before the license expires.

If you have paid your renewal fee and completed your continuing education requirements on time but have yet to receive your license, you may continue to use the expired license for 60 days or until the renewal application is denied.

If your renewal is late, there is a late fee of 50%. If a full year passes after the license has lapsed without renewal, you will need to reapply as a new applicant.


Rules for Taking the Exam

In order to pass a CE course, you must pass a final exam with a score of at least 70%. If you do not pass on the first try, you may retake the exam as many times as you like.

You may not use outside resources or refer to course material while the exam is in progress. 


Rules for Repeating a Course

You may receive credit from each CE course only once. If the course is offered for a new licensing term, you may retake it for credit in the new term.


Credit for Instructors

If you are an instructor, you may receive the same number of continuing education credits as the hours you teach. However, you may not teach multiple sessions of a single course and receive credit for any session after the first.

In order to receive the appropriate credit, make sure that your name is on the class roster and that the course provider issues you a certificate of completion.


Reporting Rules

The course provider will issue you a certificate of completion after you successfully pass the course. The course provider will also submit this information to the California Department of Insurance on your behalf. 

Using the License Status Inquiry webpage, you can check on your current number of completed course hours. Course providers have up to 30 days to submit these hours. If it has been more than 30 days, you should confirm your license and Social Security number with your course provider and request that they send your hours to the California Department of Insurance.

Although your course provider will submit your credit hours, you must keep your certificate of completion for five years. If you are subject to an audit, the Insurance Division will use your personal records as well as its own and those of the course provider.


Insurance CE Requirements Exemptions

Any non-resident who has fulfilled the CE requirements of their home state is exempt from the general requirements of California insurance continuing education.

You are also exempt from the continuing education requirements if you 

  • Are 70 years old or older
  • Have been a licensee in good standing (maintaining eligibility without breaks or disciplinary action) for 30 continuous years 

Exempt agents are still required to fulfill specific CE requirements pertaining to annuities or long-term care.


California Annuity Requirements

Before soliciting individuals for the sale of annuities, a licensee must take a one-time 8-hour annuity training course. Thereafter, the licensee must complete 4 hours of CE training in annuities for each licensing term. 

Agents still must fulfill this requirement even if exempt from general CE requirements.


California Long-Term Care Training Requirements

Long-term care insurance also requires specialized training. Accident and health agents must complete an initial 8-hour course in long-term care before soliciting consumers. 

For the first four years after passing the initial course, agents must complete eight hours of additional long-term care training a year. Thereafter, beginning in the fifth year, agents must complete eight hours of additional LTC training for each two-year licensing period.

Agents still must fulfill this requirement even if exempt from general CE requirements.


Flood Insurance

Agents must complete a one-time training course of three hours in flood insurance before selling flood insurance products. 

These credits count towards your continuing education requirements for the license term in which you take the course.